Practice accreditation

geaccrediteerde-praktijkGeneral practitioners office Keizersgracht has started since January 2013 with the Practice Accreditation of the Dutch College of General Practitioners (NHG). We are very proud of this label. A GP office only receives this accreditation if they meet strict demands. This to show the outside world the GPs of Keizersgracht provide quality which is kept by the NHG.

What does this mean?

The scientific department of the NHG developed this accreditation. NHG practice accreditation is thé quality brand and method for systematically improving the practice.
With this accreditation a practice shows that quality matters and that this is systematically improved.
It further means quality in the field of practice conducting and medical handling as well as patient judgments.

The NPA (NHG Practice Accreditation) states the following:

As a patient/client you want to be sure that your GP practice provides the best possible care.

But how can you be certain a practice values quality of practice conducting and caregiving?
The answer is with the NHG quality accredititation!
Practices with the accreditation have the as shown above logo.
Practices with this accredation can be found here.

How does a practice receives this accreditation?

A practice with the accreditation meets the national stated demands and is working to improve the quality. The practice is researched prior to receiving the accreditation. Then the research data are compared to other practices and based on the NPA report suggestions for improvement are given. A NPA-auditor yearly checks the implementation of the improvement plans and if the above mentioned demands are still met.

Your opinion counts!

As a patient/client you affect the accreditation. As an important member of the review commission you will be asked your opinion of the practice. Your opinion remains important. The practice wants to keep improving. Do you have ideas, comments or complaints? The practice would love to hear them!

Extension of the accreditation

The NPA carefully conducts the certification of the GPs offices. However, when a practice receives the accreditation, the practice remains responsible to provide good and accounted care. The extension of the accreditation is yearly.

HAPK and the accreditation

We as a practice have put a lot of work these several years to improve the quality of care in different fields of our practice. For example:

  • All protocols are updated.
  • We have specific protocols for special patient populations as diabetics and patients with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonal Disease)
  • Patient files of patients with several medications are checked by doctor as well as a pharmacist.
  • In our GP Information System (HIS) all illnesses receive a code according to an international classification system. (ICPC)
  • Even our gloves are certified

Certified internship for docter’s assistants and student doctors

GP practice Keizersgracht is certified bij Calibris (organization for technical education) as an internship.

Our practice trains doctor’s assistants in collaboration with the ROC-Amsterdam and Capabel.

GP practice Keizersgracht guides student doctors (medical students) through a 5-6 week internship at the end of their medical study.