Policy in our practice (due to Corona)

Now that we can slowly expand the non-Corona care again, it is important to take measures so that your visit to our practice is as safe as possible and hopefully you stay healthy!

ATTENTION! We continue to make as many remote appointments as possible (by telephone or email). The guidelines below therefore only apply if it is necessary that you visit the practice considering the nature of your complaints.

  • We ask you to come to the practice alone, unless you need guidance.
  • Do not arrive too early at the practice, a maximum of 5 minutes before the time of your appointment.
  • We try to plan enough time between the appointments and will keep 1.5 meters between the patients and the assistant in the waiting area. We therefore allow a maximum of 2 patients in the waiting area at our small locations Maasstraat and Bilderdijkstraat. If more patients happen to come here at the same time, we will ask you to wait outside.
  • After your appointment, please leave the practice as soon as possible.

Than you for your understanding!