Appointment (online)

As soon as you’ve been registered as a patient, you can book an appointment online with one of the general practitioners. For e-mail consultation or refill prescriptions, please mail us:

Sometimes it’s not necessary to visit the general practitioner. If you’re wondering if your appointment is really necessary, you can always contact the assistant for advice (020-4509919).

  • In case of an emergency please call the medical assistant. Please do not make an appointment online!
  • For a single, small problem book 10 minutes
  • If you have more than one problem, please call the medical assistent to make an appointment
  • If this is going to be your first appointment in our practice, please contact the medical assistant (020-4509919)
  • If you want to make an appointment for a medical surgery you need to contact the assistant first
  • Online it is not possible to book a double appointment, please contact the medical assistant to arrange this