STI Appointment

Most sexual transmittable infections (STI) are easily treated, but it is important to get treated quickly. If not, the consequences can be severe and you could pass STIs on others, even without symptoms.

If you think you got an STI, we advice you to immediately call General Practitioners Office Keizersgracht for an appointment, number: 020 – 450 99 19.

The visit with the GP can compromise the following:

  • Testing of chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, HIV, hepatitis A, B and C;
  • Questions about STIs, HIV and sexuality;
  • Diagnostics, treatment and referring to medical specialists.

During the visit with the GP a risk inventory will be made. Together you will decide which of the tests are useful to do. For example, without symptoms, there should be two weeks between the sexual contact and testing, to get a reliable test result for chlamydia and gonorrhea. For syphilis, HIV and hepatitis B you get reliable test results for testing three months after the sexual contact.