Minor Surgery

Minor surgery is any surgical procedure that only requires the use of local anesthesia. Among these procedures are:

  • Unguis incarnates also known as ingrown toenail, in which the toenail grows so it cuts into the side of the nail bed. This often results in inflammation.
  • Naevi (also known as birthmarks)
  • Sebaceous cyst: a cyst underneath the skin, due to a blocked (inflamed) sebaceous gland.
  • Lipoma, a growth of fat cells just below the skin.
  • Fibroma, a growth made of skin tissue.
  • Warts, all kinds.

Order of procedure:

  1. Appointment with the general practitioner.
  2. Diagnose.
  3. Explanation about the procedure and complications, answers to questions.
  4. Appointment for the surgical procedure.
  5. Surgical procedure takes place (disinfestation, putting in local anesthesia, removing the lumb/stain, stitching of the wound and finally you will get advice how to clean the wound).
  6. A pathological anatomist of the “Onze Lieve Vrouwe gasthuis” in Amsterdam will test all the tissue cut away. Within 14 days there will be a result.
  7. Checkup by the GP and removing of the stitches.