Health Check Up Amsterdam

You do want to know if you are healthy, don’t you?

That is why General Practitioners Office Keizersgracht introduces a preventive health check, the Health Check Up.

You do not take risks with your health. To make sure you life style matches your health state, you will go through a yearly check-up. After the check you will know how healthy you are. And how you can keep it this way.

This preventive medical check (just like a yearly car check for your body) you can request as follows:

Make an appointment at the General Practitioners Office Keizersgracht in Amsterdam, number:020-450 99 19 for this yearly check-up.

The Health Check comprises the following:

  • A general physical check.
  • Measurements of your blood pressure, length, waist and weight.
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • Extensive blood sample research
  • Urine testingThe results are discussed with your GP. The risk value will be determined and if needed, you will be referred to a medical specialist. If it is necessary the Health Check will be followed by an eye-, hearing-, MRI- or CT-scan, or a long function test.

Some health insurances (partly) cover the costs of the Health Check on certain conditions. Please carefully read your policy conditions to learn if the Health Check is covered by your insurance, and on which conditions.