General Practitioner in Amsterdam

Huisartenpraktijk Keizersgracht, a general medical practice located near the Westerkerk, Amsterdam, was founded by general practitioner Dany Edmond Jabbour in 2011. Over the last few years, the practice has become one of the most prominent of Amsterdam. Due to the increasing popularity, we have chosen to expand and open two new branch offices to increase our accessibility to our patients. Huisartenpraktijk Keizersgracht now has 6 locations:

Huisartsenpraktijk Keizersgracht is a very modern practice which is centered around our patients. We offer for example both morning and evening consultation hours, there is the possibilty of e-consults, you can arrange repeat prescriptions online, make your appointments online and of course you can also register online. Additionally, we also have specific consultation hours (for example for  STIs) and, since 2013 our practice offers additional medical examinations and counseling, due to the arrival of a psychologist and a blood bank. This allows for example to take a blood sample or perform an ECG at the practisce. For a comprehensive list of offerings, see the section Health Care providings.

Our care is characterized by open communication, a personal approach and commitment to each patient.

To continuously improve the quality of our care we are one of the few practices in the city which started with an accreditation process. Accreditation is a certification mark indicating that a health care organization meets the minimum quality standards set by the government. For further information, please refer to Practice Accreditation.

We can proudly announce that we are a Practice Plus. Insurance companies and Nederlands Huisartsen Genootschap (NHG, Dutch Association for General Practitioners) would like to make clear which GP practices provide optimal care and service to their patients. GP practices with a high level of service are given the title ‘Plus Practice.

A practice may call itself Plus Practice when it meets stringent requirements in terms of care, service and safety. Such a practice must be accessible throughout the day, offer evening consultation hours and work according to the latest scientific insights.

We believe that accessible GP care and patient satisfaction goes hand in hand with efficiency and quality.

We strive to offer a fully accessible and transparent care and optimal service.

Currently, there is no waiting list, so we gladly invite you for a personal introduction!