Call for patients BMI> 40 (regarding COVID-19 vaccinations)

Since Monday, February 15, the first people in our practice are vaccinated against COVID-19. In this shift we also vaccinate groups that have a high risk of a serious course of COVID-19. This includes people with a BMI (Body Mass Index) over 40.

Do you have a BMI higher than 40? Then we kindly request you to send an email to with your name,  date of birth and the telephone number and address where we can reach you. As soon as we have insight in the delivery of the vaccines, you will receive an invitation from us.

Transfer of practice Huisartsenpraktijk Keizersgracht

Dear patient,

By means of this message, I would like to inform you that I have transferred my general practice, Huisartsenpraktijk Keizersgracht, to Quin Dokters as of the beginning of this new year. For medical reasons, it is necessary for me to focus on my own rehabilitation in the coming period. I thank you for the confidence you instilled in me.

Aside from the name change, little will change for you. The trusted team of general practitioners and other staff will continue to be there for you.

Your general practitioner’s agreement with Huisartsenpraktijk Keizersgracht B.V./Medisch Centrum Keizersgracht Holding B.V. will be automatically acquired by Quin Dokters Amsterdam B.V. as a result of the transfer. Your patient file will also be transferred to Quin Dokters Amsterdam B.V. I am obliged to inform you of this change in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

For the latest information, be sure to check our website:

Unless stated otherwise, I presume that you agree to the transfer of the agreement and your patient file. Should you have any objections to the substance of this message and not wish to give your consent, I kindly request that you make these objections known, in writing or by email, to no later than two weeks from the date of this message.

Yours sincerely,

D.E. Jabbour
Huisartsenpraktijk Keizersgracht



About Quin Dokters

Physical and digital GP-care while maintaining personal attention

Quin Dokters is a network of GP-practices and a division of Quin. This Dutch digital healthcare provider has a chain of physical GP practices. Quin integrates smart care innovations in the patient care path, to make GP-care even more accessible.

Quin Dokters general practice
We believe it is important for you to feel connected to Quin Dokters in the coming months. We want to offer you the familiar, trusted care you are accustomed to and will maintain the same consultation hours. Moreover, we will combine the human care you are used to with innovative digital possibilities. That way, we can continue to offer high quality and sustainable GP-care with ample time for personal attention.

Additional digital solutions
We will be integrating our digital solutions in the practice in a controlled, safe and reliable manner. As our patient, you can make use of the Quin app as soon as we connected the Quin platform to the practice. The Quin app has a symptom checker, which allows you to check your medical symptoms day and night, see potential causes and get advice on whether you need to see a GP and how urgently. In addition to the symptom checker, you can also make appointments online with your GP for video consultations.

Protection & exchange of your personal data
Quin Dokters B.V. processes your personal data with the utmost care and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the specific rules for healthcare privacy. For Quin Dokters B.V.’s complete privacy statement, please refer to

Management and access to your own personal data
If you, as a patient, have a request concerning your personal data that Quin Dokters processes and manages, you can always contact the practice.

Transition period
In the coming months, we will work intensively towards the implementation of our digital services that Quin Dokters offers you as a patient. Curious about these extra services? We invite you to visit, or feel free to ask any specific questions you may have by e-mail:

A vaccine against COVID-19

A vaccine against the corona virus can put an end to the corona crisis in the Netherlands. At the moment, it seems that the first people in the Netherlands will be vaccinated against the coronavirus in early January 2021.

The vaccination against the corona virus is free and voluntary. A vaccination against the coronavirus protects you, but also your family, friends, colleagues and the vulnerable people around you. Once enough people have been vaccinated, corona can no longer spread uncontrollably.

Would you like to know more about the status, timeline and safety of the corona vaccine? Or do you have other questions? You will find the latest information on the website Vaccination against the coronavirus of the Dutch government.

Policy in our practice (due to Corona)

Now that we can slowly expand the non-Corona care again, it is important to take measures so that your visit to our practice is as safe as possible and hopefully you stay healthy!

ATTENTION! We continue to make as many remote appointments as possible (by telephone or email). The guidelines below therefore only apply if it is necessary that you visit the practice considering the nature of your complaints.

  • We ask you to come to the practice alone, unless you need guidance.
  • Do not arrive too early at the practice, a maximum of 5 minutes before the time of your appointment.
  • We try to plan enough time between the appointments and will keep 1.5 meters between the patients and the assistant in the waiting area. We therefore allow a maximum of 2 patients in the waiting area at our small locations Maasstraat and Bilderdijkstraat. If more patients happen to come here at the same time, we will ask you to wait outside.
  • After your appointment, please leave the practice as soon as possible.

Than you for your understanding!

How to contact us? Considering the Coronavirus:

Contact our practice

It is important to take some necessary measures to prevent the spread of Corona.

For patients with complaints related to the Corona, we would like to ask you to contact our practice by telephone.

For our patients with complaints that are not related to the Corona, we would also like to ask you to contact our practice by telephone. Huisartsenpraktijk Keizersgracht (HAPK) is capable to help our patients remotely by telephone or email.

Is is still possible to make an appointment via our website. However, these appointments are immediately converted into a telephone contact.


Do not come to the practice without an appointment! This is to prevent infection and spread of the Coronavirus.

From Monday to Friday between 08: 00 AM and 05: 00 PM you can reach us directly via 020 – 450 99 19 or

From Monday to Friday after 5:00 PM and on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays you can reach the GP post on 088 – 0030 600.

General advices considering the Coronavirus

– Stay home if you have a cold, cough, sore throat or fever.
– You do not need to be tested if you are otherwise healthy.
– Stay at home until you have no complaints for 24 hours.
– Are you older than 70, do you have a chronic illness or less resistance due to a medical condition? Call us if you: have a fever AND have a cough, have difficulty breathing or are complaints that you cannot explain. You may need to be tested or taken to the hospital.
– DO NOT go to the practice.
– For questions about Corona: call 0800 – 1351.
– You can also check for the latest information.

HAPK introduces patient satisfaction survey

At Huisartsenpraktijk Keizersgracht we always strive for the best care. That is why we have started a continuous patient satisfaction survey. This way we can adapt our care to your wishes and continue to improve the quality of our general practice.

We will, of course, keep you informed of the results of the survey every year.

Please click here to participate in the study. Participation is completely anonymous.



New practice Stadionplein in October

In the beginning of October we will open our new practice at Stadionplein 25. This is already our fourth extra location!

At this location two general practicers and an assistant are employed as well. As usual a pharmacy and a bloodbank are present.
Our aim is to offer a wide range of services to our patients, in close cooperation with our location in the Centre. As a patient of an extra location it is still a possibility to schedule an appointment at the location in the Centre.

Do you live nearbij Stadionplein? Don’t hesitate and make an appointment. If you are already registered at our practice, you can make your appointment online. Not yet registered? Click here.

New practice Amsterdam – East, Krugerstraat 1 – 3

Our practice expands further; in the beginning of November we will open a new location in Amsterdam – East, Krugerstraat 1 – 3.

At this location two general practicers and an assistant are employed, in close cooperation with our location in the Centre.  A pharmacy and a bloodbank are present also.

If you would like to register yourself for this practice, click here.

New locations

As from August 1 our general practice has 3 locations. Besides the Westermarkt HAPK opened, to improve her services, two new branch offices, located at the Rivierenbuurt, Maasstraat 71 and at Oud-West, Bilderdijkstraat 142-148.

These locations cooperate closely with the City Centre location. Appointments can be made by telephone or online, at the website.
Both locations are located next to the Mediq-Pharmacy. General practitioners are present during regular consultation hours and there is also a bloodbank.

At the same time the number of evening consultation hours has been extended from 3 evenings weekly to every working day.